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  • Madhuri

    To the lay person, menstruation is a basic biological function for a woman, and thus her personal problem. That is mostly where the understanding begins and ends. But this deeply taboo issue has a lot of impact, which is still not part of the bigger discourse. Menstruation can be a monthly disaster for women who are still invisible to the larger world.
    In India the major parts concerning menstrual issues is village and hilly region such as Upper parts of Uttrakhand, where they don’t have an access to gynaecologist during the time of their deliveries or other vaginal emergencies!
    The Question is Will women acquire the ecosystem to talk about these challenges where the sanitary napkins are bought under a ‘Black Bag’ so that it won’t be visible to other elders and men?
    Why periods are considered to be shameful if all men are the result of this impure blood?
    Drought is not as visible as other disasters such as earthquakes or cyclones, yet the devastation is equally lethal. And so are PERIODS!
    Menstrual hygiene serve as a platform to bring together individuals, organisations, social businesses and the media to create a united and strong voice for women and girls around the world, helping to break the silence about menstrual hygiene management.
    The main reason behind this awareness is to step up the conditions of women and girl physically and emotionally.

    A report was introduced few time ago which shows that Reproductive Tract Infection (RTI),a result of bacteria being introduced into the normally-sterile environment of the upper reproductive tract as in the case of unhygienic practices in the menstruation, natal and postnatal periods.26% of women reported to bath less frequently and used unhygienic material to absorb the menstrual flow.

    A study in India reported that only 5.2% of females used sanitary pads, and 77% used old pieces of cloth, while others used a combination of the two.

    The various vaginal infectious diseases can only be eradicated with the menstrual education.
    But the question arises is will society reprimand these assumptions?

    Will the Impure blood will remain under that BLACK BAG?


    As far this concern,menstruation is still a taboo in our country.This issue is something which is not discussed openly.There is no shame of having periods seriously. It’s a natural biological cycle which every female on the planet face.

    If not taken care upon can leads to serious impacts.Vaginal cancer,inflamation,it do hurt. Unhealthy practices, unhygienic sanitary can cause more severe harms rather then cure. I am not saying not to belief in old rituals and practices but we should also see to change, to the present. It ahould be understood using pads, having periods is not taboo. It should be look upto and should take care upon. Womrn as they are coming up and should say it loud express it loud, they are real strong. I also recommend to go and watch the movie Padman,it’ll surely open up eyes to view PERIODS as only a natural phenomenon and women are serious brave to face all alone by themselves keeping them just invisible as said.

    Apart from this very well described the problem here by you Madhuri. I genuinly follow your articles,poems,etc and i love the way you go through each aspects and content,always upto the mark


    Hey Madhuri, really today picked up a very valuable and a sensitive topic. I appreciate it.
    Menstruation period is not a big issue but it becomes a issue when women have to face the problems during their periods. Everyone know that during periods women feel sensitive physically but the problem they have to face is tha mental stress the have during their periods.
    Mainly the problem is to hide their periods from others. Women have to buy sanitary napkins in black bags as they dont want men to notice them. The menstruation is the first step or reproductive life of a women. In over country reproductive phases are considered to be as a crime. It can be discussed only in privacy. Some Men seeing the girl in menstrual period thinks about the only sexual harasses.
    Now the main issue begins, from here the menstruation become the sensitive issue.
    A question arises here “Why these men do so? ”
    Its all because of lack of menstrual education. In my opinion not only the menstrual education but the sex education should also be concerned in our country.
    The incomplete information about the menstrual period is the main cause due to which women are facing menstrual problems. Anyone either a man or a woman should not put down their eyes when talking about menstrual. Education must be like this, that the people get awared about the problems women facing during. Our government should look into this problem and solve this as soon as possible, to finish all the negativity about these type of topics permanently.




    Being a doctor i guess Menstrual hygiene is the most important education a girl need.
    I have lot of patients in my clinic reporting vaginal infection and main reason behind this is unhygienic manners confronting periods.

    I must suggest to all the girls to take proper diet, change pads at regular intervals and bathing is must, during the time of menstruation. And if you find something discomforting to your health immediately rush to gynecologist, furthermore it can lead to serious hazards.


    Sometimes some taboos can’t be eradicated properly , but we must try to remove this taboo. I think it’s a major concern. With this topic , I think there is one more word called ‘sex’. Everyone want to experience, but no-one speaks openly. Some biological things should be open for all, and everyone should have knowledge about these.
    Spread words to make everything open 🙂


    Education on Menstrual is a must to everyone to know, not only Women, even men should know the difficulties, We women go during the period times. Though its very common issue for girls, But it is an issue where a majority of Indian people are not aware Menstrual. In India, Menstrual is still known as Dirty, impure. in society. But it is not Dirty. For women, it’s healthy when we bleed because we ooze out impure blood outside our body, nothing impurity is left in the body. But still, in India, especially Hindu girls when we are on period, we are not allowed to enter temple nor touch any utensils which related to God.
    Still, IN India, Women talking about periods its shame, and women get embarrassed when we talk about sanitary pads and when some women go to buy pads they behave like they have done something wrong by picking pads if it is a bomb, We need to grow up now and stop hiding About menstrual,
    We must be proved of it that God has given us to bleed because he knows we Women have so much mental strength, we can go through all the pain.So Girl be proud of it that You Bleed.


    This is a reality that women suffer bodily shortcomings as they go old. Gradually their body becomes weak. And this doesn’t happen at once, it goes slowly slowly. So to stay healthy is a must concern for women. They must ponder on ways they can make themselves healthy for now and for future also.
    One of the most important thing when to being healthy of women comes is about their menstrual hygiene. Our body’s genetic organs are very sensitive. And they are to be taken care of very Firmly. So its really important to keep it clean and neat. Girls should be really concerned about their hygiene. Because it results in many disorders in late life. It may even cause complications during pregnancy and also for genital cancers.
    So I guess its really good if women go more concerned about their hygiene.

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