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    This issue of Women”s Safety in India has been in headlines frequently. Many women have expressed concerns about traveling to India, and many have been rejected to travel India.
    As we are aware of the various threats facing Indian Women and foreign visitors alike: staring, groping, stalking, and most seriously, RAPE. With such threats forever hanging over female travelers head, it makes sense to wonder if India is worth worry and the hassle. Why not skip it entirely in favor of less troublesome destinations? Due to this reason, many female foreigners have reduced The number of foreign tourists increased 10% in 2014 compared to 2013 but the foreign female tourists slipped to 40.8% from 41.2% in 2014.
    A series of rapes over the last months has terribly damaged India’s image, scaring away many female tourists who had planned on traveling there.
    Despite the recent measures taken by the government, the problem of violence against women in India continues to make headlines and to cause an uproar.
    India, slowly heading towards place were Women don’t feel safe in their own country? Do you think India will Change? Will there be less violence against Women?


    Even after 70 years of independence, India hasn’t become totally free as it’s girls still fear to travel alone and move freely. There is hardly any day when there is no news about a woman being stalked,raped,kidnapped, sexually harassed or molested. Indian girls and women fear while going to school, fear travelling to work,etc. A girl thinks more than ten times to go out in the night. Even the parents feel scared to send their daughters out alone. The fear that someone will harm their daughters lead parents to pose several restrictions on them. This is also one of the main reasons that girls aren’t able to pursue higher education in India and take up careers. The government has surely made attempts to make travel safe for women by introducing women only compartments in metro, hiring female cab and auto drivers but more steps such as strict punishment to those who are caught in such crimes must be taken so that all the girls can come out of this horror. And most importantly,the parents must bring up their sons by teaching them to respect women. The day when violence against women stops and every girl feels free is the day when India will truly become independent.


    There is a disconnect in India. Women in general are the frequent targets of men who would never dream of letting their own sisters out in the same streets. Many will not have stopped to consider whether it is their actions and the actions of their friends that mean many women are prisoners in their own homes.
    The patriarchy has exclusively put all to constraint. In this country being outspoken is regarded as a crime and vice-versa, suppressed. No, it is not the fault of men lying out there at the corner any time he wishes to rant but the etiquette and norms being taught by the society. Had it been a mistaught or a statement, it’s high time now and women’s know how to raise voice against any issue!


    There is need to make public transport safe for women. It can be done with active and constant effort of government with participation of civil society.

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